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Quick Post: Keeping fit this summer with Aaptiv

This summer I've been inspired by the Aaptiv fitness app. I have managed to use a variety of their workouts to get more activity in my days even during this crazy LA heat. Aaptiv has a clean, sleek interface and offers an abundance of workouts without feeling overwhelming. I usually end up giving up on fitness apps for one simple reason- the trainers drive me nuts! Somehow, I have not found one Aaptiv trainer that annoys me. There really is something for everyone on this app from meditation to training for a full marathon. Here are some of my favs:

I have been starting my mornings with the Good Morning Yoga Wake Up from the Fit for Summer collection. I can set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual and get in some activity first thing in the morning. 

They have a Walking collection-Yes! Both outdoor walks and treadmill walks. I like to take a walk in the evening after dinner and the Energizing Beginner Walk workout completely taught me how to walk properly and did not make me feel stupid while speed walking. I also love the music in Ray W.'s Incline Walking Will Make You Sweat for the treadmill.  It's all in the title!

I really can't say that I've mixed up my workouts this much in a long time and variety is key for me in EVERYTHING. I get bored way too easily. I love the stretches (and I love that complimentary stretches or workouts are suggested after you finish a workout) and the meditations have been great for those breaks in my office during a long day. They even have maternity programs

You can get a week long access to everything for free right now if you sign-up. Give it a try this summer! 

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