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My Top 5 Tricks for Self-Care

Ibiza, Spain

I just finished recording a podcast interview about my work as a forensic psychologist and how I maintain my own mental wellness. Many types of doctors and other professionals who work in an environment where people constantly need your assistance can experience their own residual troubles or burnout. To be our best for those who we love to help, we need to be the best versions of ourselves at work and at home. Here's how I accomplish this:

1. Being social outside of my profession

A key to self-care when you work in an intense field or when you really just want to get your mind out of work mode is to surround yourself with friends that do not do what you do. This will allow you to talk about stuff other than your work and get back to what matters most to you in your family and social life.  As we get older this can get tricky. You usually meet people at work or through people at work, so some real strategy needs to go into this. Maintain friends you knew before you became a professional. Get together with work friends and their spouses (who hopefully do something else for a living). Get involved in a social activity (think hiking group) that doesn't revolve around your job. 

Palm Trees & Pirates

Magen's Bay

The 99 steps of Charlotte Amalie

Hiking from a plantation


I've come to realize that the "island feel" is different depending on which sea you find yourself near. Polynesian islands, Mediterranean islands, and the Caribbean all invoke a different experience. Usually my ideal island getaway includes the feel of hot sand between my toes and a cold drink in my hand and I'm a happy girl. 

Cali Corner: LA's Best Coffee Shop Workspaces

T-shirt by Dazey LA
This article was originally featured as part of a fun collaboration I did with Dazey LA, an art apparel & accessories company based here in LA.  Its creator is a badass and extremely talented lady boss who believes in supporting other female business owners. Give her site a looksy here. You'll find some great T-shirts, like the one I'm wearing in the title shot of this post, and the newly launched Dazey Zine, which features articles from other creatives, tutorials, and other inspirational goodness. 

I am a Gemini. Although I think the emerald is beautiful, I consider the coffee bean my birthstone. 

My caffeine obsession likely started in undergrad when I took a part-time job as a barista. Coffee fueled me through college and it helped, that as an employee, I was able to take home a free pound of coffee every single week! Shortly after college, I started my career as a first responder and coffee became an essential part of each shift. I mean, how else do you stay alert all night? Now as a busy psychologist, coffee is a beautiful part of my morning ritual, putting me in my happy place of feeling relaxed yet stimulated.