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The Best Bags for Travel

When we all travel, we have different needs to meet by the type of bags we are going to carry along for the ride. Maybe its a conference and you need to tote along to a laptop. Maybe you're going to be stuffing snacks and kids' activities on your carry-on for the flight. Maybe you need some sort of clutch for that one date night. Or maybe you need to find the trick to dealing with all three of these situations – I've been there! 

Travel and Adventure Show

Fiji Anyone?
For some reason I feel like everyone has to hear my about my lame Japan experience (all my fault). 

Our first Travel and Adventure Show turned out to be pretty perfect for us, considering the trips we have planned this year. I make some great connections with tourism representatives from places on our immediate list (Zion National Park & Maui), some old favorites (Palm Springs), and my bucket list Holy Grail (Everest Base Camp).   

In Love with The Comwell, Aarhus


Every year, two cities are selected by the European Commission to be a European Capitol of Culture. The event aims to bring awareness to the culture of the chosen cities and to bring a sense of belonging and pride to the inhabitants of the host countries. 

2017 belongs to Aarhus, Denmark and Pafos, Cyprus. 

My Carry-on Beauty Bag Checklist

For highly organized ladies, like myself, packing a carry-on can be the most anxiety provoking part of preparing for travel. Those long flights can make this a daunting challenge, knowing that you'll be stuck on the plane for hours, eventually feeling dehydrated and anything but fresh. 

Here are my 3 favorite products that I can't travel without, as well as a fairly standard list to help you get started making your own:

Quick Post: LA Travel Show

Hey there everyone! Just a short post to announce that we will be bringing you press coverage from the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show this February 18th and 19th! We will keep our followers updated through IG stories and Twitter posts over that weekend and will bring you blog posts on the most exciting announcements and the coolest exhibits to inspire your wanderlust.    

I would love to hear what you would like to know about from the show...speakers (Rick Steves will be there!), hot destinations in the US, or specific types of trips (eco trips, cruises, etc). You can find all of the info here if you would like to buy tickets in (now) sunny LA.