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Cali Corner: My Favorite Bakery

Sugar much?

I mean really, how does one go about picking their favorite place that serves up sugary carbs? It's a tough call, especially with new bakeries popping up all the time, but our favorite of the moment is Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Highland Park. Highland Park is a historic neighborhood that I used to just whiz by as I drove to Dodger games, but in recent years it has been dubbed the coolest neighborhood in LA and we've been coming here to try out some new places. 

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has two other locations in San Fransisco and Seoul, Korea so we are quite lucky (and very willing) to make the 20+ minute drive with grumbling stomachs. The bakery touts itself as the place that doesn't give a shit about your New Year resolutions and vows to keep you happy when you get the munchies.

Their claim to fame is the Cruffin. You guessed it- a muffin shaped croissant stuffed with any one of the ever changing, heavenly fillings. Last Friday it was Rocky Road, complete with marshmallow on top. They dish up boozy filled donuts that weigh a ton and a variety of other new-age staples.  My current favs are the matcha croissant and the strawberry jalepeno bear claw. If you take some deliciousness to go... and you will... you'll be blessed with a very chic white and gold box that you just may want to keep around for decoration. 

Enjoy all of this served up by a super friendly staff in a dreamboat space (think white subway tiles and cement floors with veins of gold ). The shop serves up coffee and espresso drinks as well. Don't forget to take a pic under the cheeky neon sign. 

Get baked and peace out.  


Family trip to London: Part 2

The second leg of our family trip (toddler, mother-in-law, and family friend) included some major shopping, museum seeking and of course high tea. We pretty much nailed a series of activities that entertained our multigenerational group. 

Shopping at Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a public space and a tube stop where all of your major shopping can commence. It was from here we found our way to Fortnum and Mason, the premier department store where I stocked up on English teas in pretty tins and tea towels that I would later frame for my kitchen.  We gawked at the fancy hat department and the custom perfume counter. As was fair, we spent equal amounts of time in the multilevel Hamley's toy store, stocking up on figures of Disney princes and all the other goodies our little princess could fit in her suitcase. We were greeted warmly by Hamley the Bear himself and adorable British ladies dressed as rag dolls. Carnaby Street offered more shopping for stylish, trendy clothing. 
Tea at sketch

Our English tea experience was one of a kind. This is probably my #1 recommendation for anyone traveling to London for any period of time- make the time and spend the money to do tea here at sketch.  You will never forget it.  It's difficult to figure out if this whimsical space is a coffee bar, modern art museum, elegant restaurant, or hipster art space.  The answer is "Yes." Let's just say you have never seen bathrooms like this and there's a reason that sketch is one of the most Instagrammed places in London. 

British Museum

The British Museum's history alone is astonishing. It's like the museum should be in a museum. I really wish I had devoted more time to our visit, but we were able to take in the incredible structure itself and see so many breathtaking exhibits. We peered at silent mummies and tried to catch a glance of the Rosetta Stone over the heads of other foreigners before resting our feet in the Great Hall. And yes, I am one of those people who gives a healthy percentage of my museum-judging to the caliber of gift shop.  Whoa- this one is among the best I have ever been to. Never-ending and set up nicely, the gift shop offers keepsakes for everyone of all ages.  

Hyde Park 

This vast outdoor space was walking distance from our apartments and we spent our last chilly and rather windy morning here. We followed along the dedicated Princess Diana memorial path and found Peter Pan's statue, catching his shadow of course.  There's neat little app that you can download to your phone so Peter can "call" your kids while standing in front of the sculpture. There was also a wonderful pirate boat themed play space for the kids. The walk gave us time to reflect on our time in a new favorite metropolis. 

London is huge and planning a visit can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a larger group or are planning for a range of ages.  Overall, I was pleased with the mix of must-see landmarks that we were able to see in person (of which I wrote about in Part 1) and the special, memory-making moments at places that took some more research to find.   

Family Trip to London: Part 1

This trip truly captured what it was like to travel as a family. Gazing over our 100s of pictures confirmed that. There are a lot of posed group photos in front of famous landmarks and very few choreographed, blog-worthy stills. But I kind of love that. It's us as a family; eager to see the things we have read about in fairytales and drooled over on other websites. Since we were traveling with the goal of eventually staying in Oxford with my sister-in-law, we had mother-in-law & family friend in tow. It was the smart way to go, being that it was our 3-year-old's first international trek. There were extra sets of eyes on her and we even got date nights! 

The 5 Best Things I Ever Did While Traveling

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb 

I'm always up for an adventure and once I confirmed that we would be traveling to Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was something that just had to be conquered. It was the most unique adventure I've ever done while also being reasonably priced and accessible without much planning. The journey was only second to the astonishing views of the Sydney Harbour. The only downside is that you have to wear these terrible jumpsuits and aren't allowed to bring anything with you. No camera, no phone, nothing. However, there was something refreshing about just savoring the moment at the top down under.  

On The Broad Again

Happy 2017!

I love a good modern art museum and I visited my fair share in the past year. LACMA, Norton Simon, ARoS, and The Broad- twice. The Broad just celebrated it's debut year in Downtown Los Angeles. Situated next to the stunning Disney Concert Hall and across from the MoCA, it fits right in with the already established artistic giants. The building itself is a sight to see and brings something new to the DTLA scene. It houses several pieces from my favorite artist, Takashi Murakami, and is current home to the much-hyped Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama (totally lives up to it).