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Quick Post: Cali Corner

When I simultaneously began this blog and planned a couple of trips back in May, I found myself exploring the sites of travel bloggers who highlighted their hometowns (Thanks, The Copenhagen Traveler!).  It was extremely helpful to get a perspective from experts who actually lived in the destinations that I would be traveling to for the first time. As I find my way in this blogging business I, above all, want to be helpful to others while sharing my travels.  I am learning that this is not only about documenting far-flung trips, but sharing the unique insight that I have about cities in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas.

So, I have developed Cali Corner where I will focus on specific cites that are not overly written about elsewhere.  These are my little gems that will encourage you to explore SoCal beyond Venice, Santa Monica, and Hollywood; if I read another feature about Venice, I may throw up.  These are definitely places where you wouldn't mind traveling a little farther out from L.A. proper to see something new and charming. I already have a few cities picked out so stay tuned!

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