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Mentors: Get one, be one

Mentors can appear out of nowhere and usually do. I've been lucky to have mentors during several different times and in different areas of my life and I didn't even have to seek them out. Usually I had put myself in a situation with the right people or the right environment and one way or another they came to me. 

Remember that post I did on opportunity? It was pure opportunity that led to one of my most important mentor/mentee relationships early in my law-enforcement career. I had applied to an FBI internship program and was encouraged by a colleague to make an appointment at the local FBI office to see if someone there would write me a letter of recommendation. I was able to make a connection with the Special Agent in Charge of my local office, who was willing to meet with me. Prior to my appointment, I had received a letter from the internship program stating that they had already selected their candidates and that I was not one of them. Talk about a balloon deflating on impact. I was pretty devastated that I wasn't even given the opportunity to progress in the process. That would have been a great time to throw a pity party. 

The Medieval Wonder of Prague


Prague is so different.  It feels incredibly old, it's abundant in it's beauty, and it's progressive all at the same time. I am trying something different in this post. I am going to let Prague talk to you through photographs.  Less talk, more pictures. So here are the bare bones of it: We arrived by train from Vienna and stayed at the Hotel Certovka, which is perfectly walking distance to everything. One thing that you need to do- grab a seat on the patio of a restaurant in front of the astronomical clock, order a latte, and enjoy the show at the top of the hour.  It's the best experience in the city! Enjoy.

Montreal in the Fall

Town Hall
Crescent St. 


Montreal is a place that is perfectly suited for both adults and kids. Being that this was a business trip, I see why the city was selected for professionals, however there were tons of fun things to do with the kiddos. But, sadly, the city overall did not live up to my expectations. I don't know what I had built up in my head. Maybe it was envisioning a little bit more of what Quebec City has to offer or I took those other references of "feeling like you're in Paris" a little too literally. And it was cold last Fall. Like really cold. Like Chicago at the end of October cold. For this California girl, it didn't make for the most pleasant experience. Fortunately, we had been to London earlier in the year and were all set with our layers, jackets, and boots.

What to consider when packing for a trip abroad

This post isn't about what to wear, rather it is what to consider when packing in order to be as efficient as possible while still having options. The keys are to plan out all of the outfits for each day of the trip and mix-and-match as much as is feasible. This is easiest if you stick to a neutral color palette. For colder and mild climates, my color palette is generally black, white, greys, and red (I purposefully buy scarves and beanies during the year with this in mind). For warmer environments, I go with a more colorful variety.

1. Travel clothes

The foundation of your clothing packing list should be the clothes that you will wear while traveling. Obviously everyone considers being comfortable, but there are other things to think about for flight wear. I found that I am most comfortable in leggings and a loose T-shirt with a sweater/ sweatshirt or a loose fitting tank dress that goes below the knee (with a sweater). Either option allows for folding up your legs in flight. If you're traveling with little ones or plan to do some drinking, make sure everything is spill proof!

Also consider when and where you will be landing. Your destination may have a completely different climate and it will be a different time of day when you land. If you have to walk from the train station to your hotel at night it may be more chilly than you anticipated. Or if you have some time to kill on the island before you're allowed to check into your hotel, beach attire may be the way to go.

For shoes, I wear something that's easy to slip off and on during the flight and I will bring a pair of socks to wear for keeping toes warm and walking around the plane. If it's a short flight, I usually wear my heaviest shoes or boots but I don't like to do that on long flights because they take up too much room when I take them off. Above all, make sure whatever shoes you bring are comfortable enough to walk briskly through airports and on the streets.

Last tip: I bring a change of panties on the flight or I wear a panty liner that I can easily remove towards the end of the flight. I know this is TMI, but it keeps me from feeling like I've been wearing the same pair of panties for too long.

Oslo, Norway

City Hall

Viking Museum

I recently had my DNA tested and it confirmed that the majority of my make up is Scandinavian. I am very excited to learn this right now since I am about a month away from another trip to a Scandinavian destination, Denmark. All of this has me reminiscing about the time my sister and I went to Oslo. My sister had just graduated with her Bachelors degree and I had been invited to speak at a conference. We thought it would be the perfect celebratory girls getaway.